1) the beginnings of a trench has been dug to relieve the flooding, 2) shrubs have been cut back and 3) a fence has been raised. These measures indicate a positive conscientiousness, but implementation may not be wholly adequate. Last year it was stressed that removal of penetrating roots was the most urgent matter. Nevertheless only the outgrowth has been attended to thus far. This pruning appears only to have strengthened the invading roots – effectively driving wedges deeper into the structure’s cracks. Eucalyptus roots from the adjoining plantation also remain unencumbered from damaging the south wall. Current attempt at unblocking the pedestrian tunnel involves a laying of pipe within the tunnel, but this serves questionable purpose as the tunnel is itself effectively a drainpipe by original design. Moreover the new pipe interferes with the site’s integrity. Externally (several meters to the west) a separate trench has been commenced. This measure, which also involves the laying of pipe, is positive and will likely prove beneficial when complete.

Update and photo by Bruce Strachan – October 2011